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“[A] cruel and cunning mystery. . . . Plot-twisting, mind-altering and monstrously funny.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“Perhaps the most heartfelt praise I can give the English novelist Alex Marwood’s unsettling new thriller The Darkest Secret is to report that it kept me up way, way past my bedtime . . . one astonishment follows another . . . [with a] cool eye . . . [Marwood] does a remarkable job of blending her sophisticated humor, her mordant view of the rich and the heartbreak of a missing child.”
—Patrick Anderson, The Washington Post

“This third novel from one of psychological suspense’s best writers confirms Marwood’s first hat trick with its chilling tale of a long unsolved child disappearance and the years-later death of the child’s wealthy, philandering father, striking at the heart of the area where familial and other relations meet personal self-interest.”
The Boston Globe (Best Books of 2016)

The Darkest Secret is no whodunit. In crafting what might be called a cutting ‘whodidn'tdoit,’ British novelist Alex Marwood takes aim at an entire social class for its self-directed, destructive ways.”
—The Chicago Tribune

“Compelling. . . . Marwood delivers a gripping cautionary tale about how one person's dominating personality can infect those around him. . . . Marwood’s keen sense of suspense and observations of human fragility lead The Darkest Secret to a stunning finale.”

The Atlantic

“Cutting expertly from past to present among a cast of deliriously unpleasant characters, Marwood’s devilishly plotted tale arrives at an unexpectedly moving, human climax before its utterly devastating epilogue. . . . As much a black comedy of contemporary bad manners as psychological thriller, The Darkest Secret is a triumph and a treat.”
The Irish Times

“A tense, poignant and ingeniously crafted mystery about a missing child, toxic relationships and family secrets.”
The Guardian (“If you only buy one” crime novel, summer 2016)

“Unsettling . . . cleverly plotted and gripping.”
Sunday Mirror 

“A riveting read. Alex Marwood [is] the killer thriller writer. . . . Rarely have I found a book so unputdownable.”
Sunday Independent 

“Jackson, an identical twin, is just three years old when she goes missing. But, as the plot begins to thicken, it reveals  a far more complex story than simply one of abduction by an unknown person. . . . The mystery does not give up its secrets easily. . . . compellingly told.”
Daily Mail

“Tightly woven, precisely detailed, and consistently involving . . . truly engrossing . . . exactly what a mystery novel should be: suspenseful, comprehensive, fast-paced, upsetting, and fulfilling. Marwood proves once again why she’s become so celebrated so quickly, as she packs her sophisticated yet gritty storytelling with characters that you’ll grow to hate and/or pity. . . . Without a doubt, The Darkest Secret will stay with you for a while.”
Pop Matters

“A book you will feel you have to finish as soon as you start reading it. A thriller with twists and turns that keep you fascinated right to the very end.”
The Mature Times
“She won an Edgar Award for her word of mouth bestseller The Wicked Girls and a Macavity Award for The Killer Next Door. Now Marwood intrigues with another tastily twisty thriller.”
The Evening Telegraph

“It's a cliché, but I really could hardly put down this excellent new thriller by Brit Alex Marwood. [A] twist- and passion-filled mystery.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The reader’s heart sinks and pulse races as the author . . . teases out the true story. Marwood is emerging as a first-rate teller of twisted tales and ‘don’t let it be so’ suspense. Think Minette Walters and Barbara Vine with a little Gillian Flynn thrown in.”

“For readers who prefer their psychological thrillers dark, twisty, and filled with loathsome people, Marwood serves up the perfect dish.”
Kirkus Reviews

“If you read Alex Marwood's The Wicked Girls, her new one—The Killer Next Door—is even better. Scary as hell. Great characters.”
—Stephen King

“Although not as dark as Marwood’s first novel, The Wicked Girls, this psychological thriller is more macabre, in a creepy comic vein, and vividly nasty when it gets to the physical details. But in its own disturbing way, this is a story about love and friendship.”
—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review 

“Marwood’s emphatic yet pragmatic understanding of human nature at its worst and best is in equally fine form in The Killer Next Door.”
—Sarah Weinman, Maclean’s

“With her sophomore outing, Marwood has turned out not just a spooky, blood-and-guts thriller, but a cannily observant novel that explores social fissures while delivering a modicum of hope.”
The Boston Globe

“Alex Marwood’s second stand-alone novel delivers a multilayered plot that succeeds as crime fiction, a gothic tale, and a village mystery—all with an edge. While some scenes are gruesome enough to give Thomas Harris pause, The Killer Next Door is lyrically insightful [and a] gripping thriller.”
The Associated Press

“Marwood keeps readers guessing which resident is the killer till the end, a nice feat in an enjoyably dark story.”
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Accomplished and vivid . . . watch out for Marwood.”
USA Today

“[A] deliciously creepy book!”
Suspense Magazine

“Taut, assured and reminiscent of Ruth Rendell's psychological novels, Marwood's second book more than lives up to the promise shown in her splendid debut, The Wicked Girls.”
The Guardian

“Nasty, compelling and original, the author has done it again with her second novel.”
The Sun

“A taut, fascinating tale [that] not only creates a cast of memorable characters, but also ratchets up the suspense. . . . [Marwood] proves she’s got staying power in this addictive tale.”
Kirkus (starred review)

“This tightly plotted story that grabs you from the opening paragraphs and will keep you up far too late at night is highly recommended for fans of Laura Lippman, Tana French, and Gillian Flynn.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“A well-plotted ending filled with unexpected surprises.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Marwood is emerging as a master of contemporary British suspense.”

“Chilling, suspenseful, and darkly comic, The Killer Next Door is not only a terrific crime novel, but also a fascinating exploration of memorable characters, each individually lonely and secretive, and yet inextricably tied to one another by circumstance.”
—Alafair Burke, author of All Day and a Night

The Killer Next Door unfolds with tantalizing precision to reveal the lives and secrets of a group of boarders in a run-down apartment house—one whose secret is far darker than the rest.”
—Sara J. Henry, author of Learning to Swim  

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