Deep Ecology And World Religions New Essays On Sacred Grounds

Deep ecology, a valuation of the ecosystem or the whole system of life that does not necessarily involve a god, serves as the focal point of the 13 religious essays featured in this collection. As the editors point out, deep ecology suggests a moral, political, and spiritual stance that challenges religions to respond, out of their specific traditions, to the complex phenomenon of environmental philosophy, religious cosmology, and public policy. Barnhill (intercultural and religious studies, Guilford Coll.) and Gottlieb (philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Inst.) excel at assembling disparate voices from a variety of world traditions, from Hinduism and Confucianism to Christian ecofeminism and New Age spirituality, and they present their concerns in a straightforward manner. Some contributors struggle openly with deep ecology's issues, some find harmony, and others embrace ecocentrism over religion, hoping to locate a sense of the divine in the process. Overall, this is a satisfying discussion that showcases the complexities of thoughtful human engagement with our natural environment. Sandra Collins, Duquesne Univ. Lib., PA
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David Landis Barnhill and Roger S. Gottlieb

1 Spiritual Deep Ecology and World Religions: A Shared Fate, a Shared Task
Roger S. Gottlieb

2 Indigenous Traditions and Deep Ecology
John A. Grim

3 Hinduism and Deep Ecology
Christopher Key Chapple

4 Relational Holism: Huayan Buddhism and Deep Ecology
David Landis Barnhill

5 Chinese Religion, “Daoism,” and Deep Ecology
Jordan Paper

6 Confucianism and Deep Ecology
Mary Evelyn Tucker

7 Faith, God, and Nature: Judaism and Deep Ecology
Eric Katz

8 Catholicism and Deep Ecology
John E. Carroll

9 Islam and Deep Ecology
Nawal Ammar

10 Protestant Theology and Deep Ecology
John B. Cobb Jr.

11 Deep Ecology, Ecofeminism, and the Bible
Rosemary Radford Ruether

12 Ken Wilber's Critique of Ecological Spirituality
Michael E. Zimmerman


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