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“Success is the peace that comes with knowing your accomplishments have purpose.”
– Hutch Putnam –

Success is a word that really hard to define, because everyone will have a different definition for this word. In fact, there no exact definition for the word "success". For a student, maybe the success means to pass all courses of the semester; for a business man, signing a importance contract and get a lot of money are successes; and for a president, leading the country to develop and make the people have a better life are success. For me, I also have my own definition for the word "success". When I was a kid, I really want to be a scientist, but after I become mature, my thinking has become more mature and my definition of success also…show more content…

When I was a kid, they just told me a lot of things about the business, and I'm also very interesting about that; at that time I already know Bill Gates, he is the richest people of the whole world and I think he's the most successful people on the earth. He is very famous in China, and Bill Gates affects my thinking about the success. I want to start my own business, I think to have my own business is a success. If I only can work for others, I think I can't do anything I want and will never be successful, the boss will always command me to work for him and get more money to him. In the article, "Someone Is Stealing Your Life," the author also maintains that the employer and the employee are not equal, the author mention that "if the people who do the work don't own any part of the product and don't have any power over what happens to their enterprise - they are being robbed." (Ventura, 254) The author said most of the employee are robbed by the employer, I agree the author's view and I think to avoid this kind of situation I have to start my own business for being successful, and this is my dream. Now I already began to make a plan for starting the business. Sometime I will also discuss with my friend about this, because I also have thought about to cooperate with my friend, it will be very hard and challenging, but if we can make it, we are successful! That's the first aspect to achieve for being successful in my definition, if you can

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Interesting Definition Of A Successful Person Essay Topic

If you want to come up with an essay with interesting definitions of a successful person, then this is the article for you. Success can have many definitions depending on who is giving the definition. Generally, success is a result that is favorable to you or an ending that was wished for especially after achievement of set goals. Going by this definition we can say that a successful person is one that is genuinely content and happy with their vocational or professional career and personal or family life. Fame or money can also be a contributing factor in this case but without happiness, the person would not be termed as successful.

There are various topics that can define the success of a person keeping in mind that success is not necessarily measured by the amount of bills in your bank account.

Below are a few topics.

  1. A successful person is one who knows his priorities: For you to be successful, you need to set your priorities straight since you cannot be able to do everything at once.

  2. A successful person is one that can remain focused: Multi tasking will often lead you to procrastinate, which is a sure recipe for failure. At other times, you may manage to do all the work, but the quality will be poor.

  3. A successful person is one who takes some time off to recharge: Working too hard without having a break will lead to low output.

  4. A successful person is the one who considers other people’s needs first: To be deemed successful, you need to create a team of people who will support and cheer you on as you work hard to accomplish your dreams. You must be able to cater for the needs of your team so that they can be motivated to support you more.

  5. Successful people are the ones who adapt to changes: As you well know, changes are part and parcel of life. When there is a change, adapt to it and move on instead of trying to fight it.

  6. Successful people are the ones who challenge what they believe in: In order to be a successful person, you must be willing to put down your pride and go against some of your beliefs. This will make you more knowledgeable and give you a wider perspective of things.

  7. A successful person is the one who always focuses on the wider picture: When working on something, focus on the end result instead of working for the short term goals. This will enable you to work a lot harder thus leading to success.


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